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Webiny makes it easy to build applications and websites on top of the serverless infrastructure by providing you with a ready-made CMS and a development framework.


Webiny apps can scale to handle the most demanding workloads.

No custom tooling required

Webiny eliminates the need to build custom tooling to create serverless app

Cost effective

Webiny apps run on serverless infrastructure which costs 80% less than VMs

Resolves serverless challenges

Webiny removes all the challenges of building serverless applications

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Architect. Code. Deploy.

Webiny Serverless

Application Framework

Everything you need to create and deploy applications on top of the serverless infrastructure. 

Use it to build:

  • Full-stack applications
  • Multi-tenant solutions
  • APIs
  • Microservice

An easier way to build serverless apps

There are many solutions that help you run, deploy and monitor serverless functions, but when it comes to actually coding one, there are none. Webiny is a solution that helps you code your serverless app by providing you with all the components like ACL, routing, file storage and many more.

Framework features

Users, groups, roles & scopes

Security is a crucial layer in any application. Webiny includes a full-featured security module that's connected to the built-in GraphQL API.Users, groups, roles & scopes


Quickly generate boilerplate code using CLI plugins. From lambda functions to new GraphQL APIs.

Customizable security

Use the default AWS Cognito, or replace with 3rd party identity providers like Okta, Auth0, etc. Using plugins you can make Webiny work with any identity provider.

Multiple environments

No code change goes directly into a production environment. Webiny CLI makes it easy to manage and create multiple environments for your project.

One size doesn't fit all

It's a very different set of requirements a technical team has to a marketing team to a business development team. Webiny Serverless CMS comes with several different apps you can use independently, or together as part of a cohesive solution.

Webiny Serverless


A suite of applications to help you manage your content.

Use it to build:

  • Marketing sites
  • Multi-website solutions
  • Content hubs
  • Multi-language sites
  • Intranet portals
  • Headless content models

CMS benefits


No matter the demand, Webiny Serverless CMS can easily scale to meet even the most challenging workloads.


Being an open-source project, it's easy to modify and adapt things to your own needs.

Low cost of ownership

Self-hosted on top of serverless infrastructure. No infrastructure to mange, less people required to operate and maintain.


Secured by AWS Cognito. It's also easy to integrate services like OKTA, Auth0 and similar.

Data ownership

Webiny is self-hosted, it means your data stays within your data center.

Permission control

Powerful options to control the permissions your users will have. They perfectly align with your business requirements. 

Serverless makes infrastructure easy,

Webiny makes serverless easy

1. Developer-friendly

Webiny has been made with the developer in mind. It helps them develop serverless applications with ease.

2. Open source

Webiny is created and maintained by an amazing group of people. Being open source means Webiny grows and evolves much faster. Contributor are welcome.

3. Community

We have an active community on slack. Talk to the core-team, and get help. Webiny team is always there for any questions.